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education of love, a chidren——s classic that is spread around the world .italian writer edemondo de amicis was written in 1882.the book——s original name was “huore”, translated as “heart”。 education of love is a diary that records an italian grade four schoolchild amway ko life and study during his ten mouth of one year. the book includes one hundred posts , and mainly consists of three parts. this work are finish by edemondo de amiicis who is a italian writer , and this work almost spent his ten years. in this book , no matter which chapter, which section, the “love” are very obvious. it——s not only include the love of county, society, nation, but also the love of parent ,teacher and friend. this a pile of love are touch the readers so much that all over of the world of the country recognized this book as the most full with love and education book, and all the country around the word rushed to published this book.

i have a strong feeling after reading this book. love, what a familiar word, in everyone's mind has a pure love. love is selfless and vast. only live in the ocean of love, we just can enjoy it. i truly understand love after i read this book. this is a great book, because it was full with deeply love. love is like air, it exist in our side everyday, but we always ignored it, because it no shadow and no shape, we couldn——t see it. but in other hand,we can't live without it. actually the meaning of it has been integrated into life, but many people cannot feel. the reason that is so great was that it is a kind of dignity, not only for individual, but also to the whole nation. love is an endless travel, we will be very relaxed when we walk as well looking the side view, also we will have new feelings from new things. every day there will also be for something new comprehension, learning and full up. then, i just want to continue to go on, and even have more enthusiasm. even don't care how long it will last. this emotion has sublimate into a kind of love, a love for life. after reading the “love education", i walked into amway ko life, and witnessed how they study, live, and how to love. i find that it contain many pursuits during this kind of love.

how much true love of stories had happened of all the ages. it is thus clear that love is everywhere. we all in the ocean of love from the day we were born. those kinds of love include parents love and grandparents love. when we grew up and went to school, the teacher's love and students of love are coming. love is like air, it is always around all of us and we never left it. a person who without love, is a soulless man. love can breath us a new life when we are in the edge of death, love can make a degenerate be renerve, love can stimulate people full with power. is love that makes us be happy and grow up with healthily. is love that gives our inner warmth. the love of interpersonal is great, love is forgiveness, love is inclusive. love is the source of education. education is closely linked with love. we will feel more warmth if we get in touch with one more love; we will be more happy if we give more love for others. let us bath in the ocean of love together in the day of future.

there are no tedious preachment, no grandiloquence, no vigorous heroic in education of love. it was just wrote some ordinary and kind-hearted person,such as : the people of selling carbon, the mason, the son of a blacksmith, young drummer, the class teacher with disease, and their ordinary daily life. it is these that surface are ordinary but actually it——s true narrative that bring the reader into a world of love. let us be education in love. the book is filled with love that is enviable.

education of love, compared to becomes the love many things, is really this also is not only these. i thought that “the love will be anything” will not have the explicit answer, but i knew that “the love” will not have the limit, slightly to schoolmate's between friendly conversation, teacher to student's encouragement, the parents to child meticulous showing loving concern, a people's smile which will meet by chance ……big enough to contributes the marrow, gives blood, helps the project hope …… although will be similar to the air love sometimes the quilt “the pollution”, “dilution”, even “vanishing”, but hoped that more people will feel in the simple language the deep love, i thought education of love this good book will take this kind of happy feeling more people. this book is an implicative meaning, novel pupils amway ko nine months of grade four whole life. love is the whole story, in the most charming lines, blended in all the greatest love: love of teachers, students' love, the love of parents, children love, the love of classmate… each kind of love is not big, but touching and thought-provoking. the whole novel as a pupil most don't dye secular view that surround beauty and ugliness, good and evil. here are let amway ko proud of the friends who are excellent, the chivalrous heave of the monitor and los angeles help, also has the iowa ladder vanity, the narrow spoonbill insolent, and simple little masons, strong of chloe west… completely in love to feel little drops of life.

others opinion of this book: the contents of this book are novel, and the plots are touching reader deeply. everyone who have been read the book can——t resist the charm of it. it is no doubt that the spirit of this book is a kind of classic love. it can make many people tear down when read the touching plot. the book was write with the child's voice and eye to describe the child's life and thought. it is more close to the inner world of the children, and can be more accept by the children. it is a classic of education that we can——t miss .


love, what a familiar words, in everyone's mind has a pure love, love is selfless love, it is a vast, only live in the ocean of love, just can enjoy love. and i read the education of "love the book, i truly understands love border.

this permeated with the love of the novel contains profound, send out the sort of full-bodied emotional strength is really very great. "love education" introduces the italian child amway in a school year ten months of ke is written diary, containing the classmate of love between, the sister and the love between children and parents, teachers and students of love between between love and love for his country, make the person is in love like reading the bosom of growth.

love is like air, every day in our side, because its no shadow intangible is often ignored by us, but we can't live without it, actually the meaning of it have been integrated into life. but many people cannot feel. ()love is great, because it not only to the individual character, but also to the whole nation is proud of dignity and emotions. love is an endless travel, you walk while watching very relaxed, every day there will also be for something new comprehension, learning and full up. then, just want to continue to go on, and even enthusiasm, don't care how long it will last. this time, such feelings already sublimate is a love, for a life of love. read the love of education ", i walk into amway ko life, witnessed how they study, live, how to love. in touched, i find love contain the for the pursuit of living.

through the ages, how much love true story ah, visible, love is everywhere. we are born, they immersed in the ocean of love, the love of parents and grandparents love. gradually grew up and went to school, and teacher's love, students of love. love is like air general, love is all around us, we never left it, leaving the love person, is not a soul is a man. love can make the person rescue, love can make the prodigal son back, love and can inspire people infinite strength.

is love, that we can be happy grow up healthily, is love, and gives our inner warmth. interpersonal love is great, love is forgiveness, love is inclusive. love is the source of love and education, education is closely linked. many feel a love, it is a more warmth; give much a love, it is a more happy. in the future days, let us together bathed in the ocean of love.



red and black introduces to us about how does a carpenter's son grow into a star from ordinary. the biography of the heroine julien  even told us many things . one of the most important thingsis that only efforts can make our dream come true.

at first , he became the mayor sons' tutor because his proficient in latin.as times went by julien makes some affairs with the hostess but he deals well with the social relations. then he seize the chance to be a priest and plays in a wider state which he look forward to many times. although he was punished to die  finally.,he had  reached the top of authority beyond his dream.

what’s more, seizing chances as well as creating opportunities by ourselves can also help us reach our goal faster and faster. just as julien ,if he wasted the chances to be the tutor, his future would have been much more boring than what he get from then on .

all in all , red and black totally tells us that efforts decides everything.


the book i read this week entittled the red and the black, which is undoubtedly among the best liturature works. as a person who haven’t had much knowledge in literature, any comments on this work seem to be rather naive and even sort of reckless. but this is the only book i have access to recently. with much deliberation, i would like to write down following words.

the book mainly tells a story about a man named julien, who came from a carpenter’s family and got a shrewd father and two elder brothers characterized by huge size and rudeness. though he wasn’t quite athletic, he got talent with his memory. he could recite the whole contents of the bible, which made him admired by people around him and win him a job as a family teacher. and this is the part where our story begins. under his gorgeous face, there exists a relentless lust for fortune, power and status, all of which derive from his persuit of happiness, dignity and freedom and finally contributed to his downfall. ()he worshiped nepolen the most, and he is willing to die a thousand times to win his success. he desires for love, yet sometimes he used it as a tool to obtain his status and power. however, he had never given up showing his sympathy for the poor and contempt to the noble. his pureness blended together with ambition and felt self-abased and conceited at the same time. as a young man, he ignored what’s really important for him—being loved. and he just realized this until death was around the corner. the story is a tragedy, for he hasn’t got what he wanted in the end and he sacrificed too much for his contemporary fame and fortune. at the last few hours of his life, those happy times he spent with his loved ones gave him courage to face death penalty with calm . when he realized that he didn’t have to tolerate the world filled with fakeness or put a mask on his face, he died with ease.

julien stands for the group of people coming from the low class in the society and hope to achieve success with their own efforts. these people usually don’t have the necessary conditions to become successful, but they will by no means stop trying or let god tells them what their lives should be like, instead, they are willing to sacrifice anything to realize their dreams and earn their dignity. for these people, no matter what the consequences their struggle may be, i should forever pay my tribute to them. to some extent, they are the makers of the world.



this is a story about a special and unreserved woman who has been exposed to a hostile environment but continuously and fearlessly struggling for her ideal life. the story can be interpreted as a symbol of the independent spirit.

it seems to me that many readers’ english reading experience starts with jane eyer. i am of no exception. as we refer to the movie “jane eyer”, it is not surprising to find some differences because of its being filmized and retold in a new way, but the spirit of the novel remains----to be an independent person, both physically and mentally.

jane eyer was a born resister, whose parents went off when she was very young, and her aunt,the only relative she had,treated her as badly as a ragtag. since jane’s education in lowwood orphanage began, she didn’t get what she had been expecting——simply being regarded as a common person, just the same as any other girl around. the suffers from being humiliated and devastated teach jane to be persevering and prize dignity over anything else.as a reward of revolting the ruthless oppression, jane got a chance to be a tutor in thornfield garden. there she made the acquaintance of lovely adele and that garden’s owner, rochester, a man with warm heart despite a cold face outside. jane expected to change the life from then on, but fate had decided otherwise: after jane and rochester fell in love with each other and got down to get marry, she unfortunately came to know in fact rochester had got a legal wife, who seemed to be the shadow following rochester and led to his moodiness all the time ----rochester was also a despairing person in need of salvation. jane did want to give him a hand, however, she made up her mind to leave, because she didn’t want to betray her own principles, because she was jane eyer. the film has finally got a symbolist end: jane inherited a large number of legacies and finally returned. after finding rochester’s misfortune brought by his original mad wife, jane chose to stay with him forever.

i don’t know what others feel, but frankly speaking, i would rather regard the section that jane began her teaching job in thornfield as the film’s end----especially when i heard jane’s words “never in my life have i been awaken so happily.” for one thing, this ideal and brand-new beginning of life was what jane had been imagining for long as a suffering person; for another, this should be what the audiences with my views hoped her to get. but the professional judgment of producing films reminded me to wait for a totally different result: there must be something wrong coming with the excellence----perhaps not only should another section be added to enrich the story, but also we may see from the next transition of jane’s life that “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you would get.” (by forrest gump’s mother, in the film “forrest gump”)

what’s more, this film didn’t end when jane left thornfield. for jane eyer herself, there should always be somewhere to realize her great ideal of being independent considering her fortitude, but for rochester, how he can get salvation? the film gives the answer tentatively: jane eventually got back to rochester. in fact, when jane met rochester for the first time, she scared his horse and made his heel strained, to a certain extent, which meant rochester would get retrieval because of jane. we can consider rochester’s experiences as that of religion meaning. the fire by his frantic wife was the punishment for the cynicism early in his life. after it, rochester got the mercy of the god and the love of the woman whom he loved. here we can say: human nature and divinity get united perfectly in order to let such a story accord with the requirements of both two sides. the value of this film may be due to its efforts to explore a new way for the development of humanism under the faith of religion.



in the winter holiday.i read a book.it is very wonderful.it's name is "the monkey's paw".the book tells about the whites and a  paw's story.mr.white's friend gave him a small and dirty paw.he said "it can makes your dreams come true.but you'll feel unhappy."mr.white wanted ?3000.and after some days,he got  ?3000,but his son deid.the end is mr.white and his wife were very sad.

i think “the monkey's paw” is very useful.because it tells us some important things.such as "get something for nothing." is impossible.we must do every things by ourselves.and we must know learn by doing.

when i was 10 years old.i was not good at math.and i had tried to find many escape solutions.but no one is  good for me.my mother tolds me,"learn by doing",and i did some test questions.now,my math is ok.i think my story likes "the monkey's paw".and in the new future,i will do every things by my self and do not rely on my father and mother.i know i am the best.

what a nice story!“the monkey's paw”is perfect,and i will learn more and more in it.


this winter vacation,i read agreat book《bookworm》。in gread 1,i appreciate the beauty of the moon,and,i know mary,queen of socts's story……in a word,ibenefited a lot of in it.i really like this book.

among them,my favourite book is《love or money》。it tells a rich women death without.everyone is suspect,and they greeted her moneys mouth water.her little daughter threatens her,to obtain money;on the surface seems to love her big daughter to reasons but hater mother;her son to a piece of land and mother fell out……

results a murderer is her big daughter!reason have

to her the person i love !

i was very sad.a girl,actually killed her mother,is really too not filial piety.i know people for a variety of reasons will kill your most close.so,we should control oneself,avoid incentive,not reckless things……

the《book worm》 has taught me a lot.